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HarriFin USAFinancial statements and ratios for all industries including hospitality, grocery, oil, clothing retailers and foodservice operators. I invite you to shop at HarriFin Data Company. Stay ahead of the competitors.

Our services include:

v      Funding analysis using solid analytical and problem-solving skills

v      Identify trends, changes and possible corrective measures using quantitative and modeling skills

v      Prepare reports showing progress on goals and identifying deviations and problem resolutions.

v      Draft input to budgets and documenting significant changes to the budget for management's review

v     Research and resolve inquiries from customers

v     Developing financial models for the analysis of accounts across many different industries

Just think of HarriFin as your stockroom. Whenever you need to replenish stock, visit to our modern website, where there is plenty of free data, and enter a "website store" that stocks all your data needs. Load it onto your PC and have it all back at your place of business within a short period of time.

All of us at HarriFin look forward to serving you. We guarantee savings, selection and friendly, reliable service seven days a week.

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“Company Quotes”

“Our ratings are like a runner’s never changing hurdle, companies are expected to continuously jump over them without touching them. If they touch them it is sign of weakness”


A. Harrison, CPA


HarriFin Data Company


“We at HarriFin Data Company are like bankers with fiduciary duties because we monitor over $5 trillion dollars in assets and rate each company based on changes in the financial statements”

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Harrifindex the other economic indicator (What is it?)


Our economic indicator called HarriFindex measures a change in economic activity by assigning a percent% to a letter grade.


For example:


C 65.04% is 65.04% of all companies rated are a “C” or average rating.


1-If the index is going up and is “C” this means a slowing of economic activity vice versa.

2-It is better for the index to be A or B grade because these rating are above average rating indicators



See the status of our economic indicator above.

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